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Welcome to the Riverside Junior High PTO!

The PTO consists of all parents or legal guardians of Riverside Junior High and all teachers and staff.
The purpose of the RJH PTO is to promote communication between students, staff, and parents in hopes to build a strong community. To provide volunteer services for school functions and assist staff in that way. In turn, we raise funds to supplement the needs of the school for the benefit of the students.

We Love Our Teachers

In an effort to help our teachers and support staff get the materials and supplies that they need and want for their students and their classrooms, the RJH PTO is spearheading the Wish List Project.

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Stay Connected!

Every Riverside Junior High parent/guardian is a member of the RJH PTO.  Our goal is connect with as many parents/guardians as we can and build a strong Golden Hawk Community.

Use this link to submit your contact information if you wish to receive updates about volunteer opportunities as they arise.